Vintage Light Bulbs from Satco

Everything old is new again!

Many scientists were dabbling with an "electric light" in 1879, but it was Thomas Edison who really got it all together with the first practical light bulb. And, amazingly, Edison bulbs, as they are commonly known, really haven't changed much since then. In fact of all Edison's inventions - the stock ticker, the phonograph, the telegraph - Edison bulbs are the only one that remain in general use today. Back then it was quite amazing. But now, Edison light bulbs have become a popular interior design element—one that almost by itself defines an entire era.

Woman manufacturing light bulbs in the 1920s.

Satco Vintage light bulbs are truthful, historically correct reproductions from this important era in lighting and architecture. These are museum-quality reproductions; no detail is overlooked, making these high quality Vintage light bulbs the perfect solution when achieving authenticity and atmosphere are the goals. Special attention is paid to the filament patterns and bulb shapes to ensure that these are honest interpretations of the original Edison light bulb.

Satco offers 11 different bulb styles, each one faithfully represents the period they were manufactured in.