Life needs Dimension

Create the mood you want with Dimension LEDs from SATCO

LED lighting has changed the way we light our homes, our cars--even our holidays—for the better. But there’s been one feature of LEDs that’s not always welcome. Most all LED bulbs are dimmable, but it’s how they actually dim that may disappoint.

When a standard incandescent light bulb is dimmed, it is fed less electricity, thus leading to less light. But one side effect that most everyone has come to enjoy is how the glow gets warmer and warmer as the bulb dims down. It’s this warm glow that sets a mood, makes a room look cozy and lights a dinner party and its guests in just the right way. And it’s exactly where most LED lamps fall short. Until now.

How SATCO Dimension works

When most LED bulbs are dimmed, they simply put out less light--but they don’t get that warm glow. The Satco Dimension LED reflector is different—it actually gets warmer as it dims, just like older incandescent bulbs. It does this with two sets of LEDs and some very smart on-board electronics.

Think of running your tap water and gradually mixing-in hot water to get a temperature that’s just right.

The set of LEDs which are at a color temperature of 2700K are totally lit at full power (Figure 1) delivering warm, familiar, comfortable light. But as the lamp is dimmed, the 2700K LEDs get less power while the second set of LEDs, which are at very warm 1800K are given power (Figure 2). As the lamp is dimmed further, the light from the two sets of LEDs continues to mix--less and less power goes to the 2700K LEDs and more and more goes to the warmer 1800K LEDs. The light output actually gets warmer and warmer with the lamp finally delivering a very warm 2200K (Figure 3).

Satco Dimension. The best of both worlds—variable soft, warm light and energy efficiency in one lamp!

Get the facts—visit S9073, S9025, S9101 Dimension product page. We’re sure it will create the warm glow you’re after!

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SATCO Dimension
Figure 1. The outer rings of 2700K LEDs are fully lit at 100% full power.
SATCO Dimension
Figure 2. Less 2700K LEDs are lit as more power is delivered to the 1800K LEDs in the center ring.
SATCO Dimension
Figure 3. The 2700K LEDs little or no power as the 1800K LEDs are fully lit. The blend creates a warm 2200K glow.
SATCO Dimension