Hurricane Irma Aftermath

We are all now recognizing the destruction and disruption caused by hurricane Irma in Florida. SATCO’s Miami distribution center was fortunately spared any damage; however, like millions of others, the building is without electricity. At this time, it is unknown when power will be restored to the building. SATCO’s Miami location services Florida and others states in the South East. For our customers that were not impacted by the hurricane, please note the SATCO’s other distribution centers will process and ship orders to SATCO Florida customers until the Florida facility and the Floridian trucking companies are operational.
Please continue to:
Email orders to FLORDERS@SATCO.COM.

Temporarily fax orders to SATCO NY at 631/243-2027 Or Call: 800 -257-2826 (toll free to SATCO New York). We will notify you when Florida is operational again and advise to use the Florida phone and fax numbers again.
Our thoughts go out to all those effected by Hurricane Irma and those still dealing with the destruction of hurricane Harvey in Texas.