LED 2-Piece 8' T8 Lamp

Field Selectable | Ballast Bypass

Thursday, December 14, 2023

SATCO|NUVO is always looking for the best ways to save time and costs on the job-site. The unique 2-piece design of this T8 lamp allows for reduced shipping costs and easier installation than a single 8' long tube by using two 4' sections that securely interlock in the center for continuous illumination. Secure the connection point with the threaded collar, and magnetic C-clip to support the extended length from the center. This ballast bypass lamp is also field selectable, offering three wattage options and five CCT options in one convenient unit. In addition, the lamp is built for use in Fa8 lamp holders, and comes with R17d adapter caps, making it versatile for use in a variety of shunted and non-shunted lamp holders.


  • Field Selectable (5 CCT and 3Wattage)
  • DLC Listed When Used in FA8 Applications
  • Optional R17D Base Caps Included
  • Includes Magnetic Clip For Extra Support Where /tubes Connect
  • PET Coated Glass Tube
  • Compatible With Optional 10W Emergency Driver

Suggested Applications: Warehouses, Box Stores, Grocery Stores, Gymnasiums

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