LED Hi-Pro Expandable Lamp

Field Selectable

Thursday, January 11, 2024

SATCO|NUVO’s LED Hi-Pro Lamps offer a 320° rotating EX39 base making the installation of these lamps easier than ever. The two different on-unit CCT and Wattage Selectable switches give the user the power to customize the lighting for each unique environment. The notable design of the expandable light panels, when used in its fully open operating position, provides a 180° beam angle that enables the user to focus the light distribution exactly where it is needed the most. The outstanding heat dissipation, the ballast bypass feature, and the integrated 4kV surge protection make these the perfect HID replacement for shoebox fixtures and commercial area lighting. An optional 10kV hardwire surge protector is available to provide an additional level of protection when needed. 


  • Field Selectable (CCT and Wattage)
  • 320° RotatingEX39 Base
  • Integrated 4kV Surge Protection
  • Advanced Heat Dissipation

Suggested Applications: Parking Lots, Campuses, Auto Dealerships, Industrial Parks

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