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Check out Track’s New Direction!

NUVO's New Mono Points, Modern Track Head Profiles and Track Bar

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

New! Mono point and track bars, plus adjustable dual heads and our new modern profiles keep NUVO’s track line sleek, on point and popular for both residential and commercial lighting applications. From office, hospitality, retail and store front to home life in the kitchen, living room and living space, track lighting remains one of the most versatile accent lighting fixtures the market has to offer.

This architectural accent lighting offers custom tailored illumination with on the fly adjustability perfect for low to mid ceiling heights.  

NUVO’s new dual track heads in square and pipe combine modern styling with and even more customization. Their novel swivel track heads spin 360° offering the ability to light from both sides. Available in white and black with 24° and 36° beam angle options.  

New fixtures include the forged and piston track heads. Contemporary in design and available in black, white and brushed nickel finish, these avant garde designs add to NUVO's extensive and popular collection.

The latest innovation in the track lighting category, the track bar, brings linear light to the traditional track system. This new fixture enables track to be used on a whole new  photos, paintings, menus, and more. The linear bar offers 270° rotation and is also a perfect accenting solution for unique architectural features like stone and relief walls and water features.

Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 ft sizes it delivers an exceptional wash of light.


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