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STARFISH Security Floodlight and Camera

Monday, September 12, 2022

SATCO’s new Security Floodlight Camera offers the latest technology in home security and surveillance without the monthly subscription fees associated with competing products. When motion is detected, the 1080p HD camera records events and stores them directly to the devices included 32GB microSD card. Live and recorded events can instantly be viewed on any mobile device using the STARFISH app, anywhere, any time.

With its two-way talk function, infrared night vision, IP65 weatherproof rating, die-cast construction and powerful 20 Watt floodlights producing 1900 Lumens, this feature packed fixture is ideal for residential and commercial settings. Motion zones, sensor sensitivity and mobile alerts can also be adjusted through the mobile app. Color options include white, brown and black. 

STARFISH™ is a leading technology that combines smart home lighting controls and security into one complete solution, an industry first! With a growing line of whole-home lighting and security products, SATCO’s Starfish products are the premier choice in building your smart home, controlled by a single app!


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