The many schools and educational institutional objectives regarding lighting run the gamut. From energy efficiencies, budgets and building sustainability to how lighting can effect the behavior, performance and the productivity of students; priorities can vary.  There is one constant, however, lighting can play a big role in overall well being and budget considerations when it comes to educational institutions.

Lighting has recently become a hot topic in the K-12 range as direct links between behavior and indoor environmental quality have become subject in school design. SATCO|NUVO offers flicker-free light bulbs, color temperature lamps and a wide variety of lighting that may enhance the quality of indoor enviroment while providing a solid value.

On the college and university level, from the sports fields to the classrooms, social areas to dormitories, lighting choice matters.  Lighting has an influence on the overall aethetic, safety of students and budget and energy savings and even the perceived value of the institution -- all factors that influence potential students and their parents when choosing a university or college.

From the university perspective, finding value where they can by making smart choices is a priority.  Energy efficient LED lighting, motion and photo sensor lighting, durable, modern lighting with clean aesthetics, color temperature and lighting for performance and even traditional lighting for those areas institutions have yet to refurbish  are all part of their shopping list. SATCO|NUVO has your lighting answer.

Smart Lighting Solutions for Education

SATCO|NUVO offers new LED solutions for classrooms like our T8 flicker free or T8 dimmable fluorescent replacement lamps.  Emergency ready strip lighting for hallways and corridors, LED flat panels and troffer lighting and LED 8” and 12” circleline lamps.  In addition, SATCO|NUVO maintains a large inventory of traditional lamps to service those still not ready to transition.

For outdoors, SATCO|NUVO carries wall packs and security floods with photocells and motion sensors, bollard post tops, flood lights, exterior lighting, hi-bay lamps and more.

And for the Universities, smart, durable fixtures like our Blink® flush mounts that offer a neutral aesthetic, rugged design, energy efficiency, superior light output and even emergency output.

These are just some of the brainy ideas well suited for the educational market.