Industry is a big job -- SATCO|NUVO is bright enough to light it. 

The goal of industrial lighting is uncomplicated efficiency.  Saving on energy and maintenance costs is a game changer, and proper lighting can help.

SATCO|NUVO’s industrial and commercial LED technology in our commercial lamp and fixture options offer long life and higher energy efficiency, superior photometrics, ingenuity, strong quality and value.  

At SATCO, we design solutions-based products with real-world attributes that streamline installation, simplify maintenance and improve your lighting solution. Many of our fixtures offer features, benefits and accessories that extend the usage of our various products to other applications saving on time, material and labor costs. For example, our adjustable steel cage, vapor tight LED utility lamps, with 90° articulation and ceiling or wall mount capability.  This handy fixture offers 2-skus-in-1 and moves out of the way when you need a little extra room.  Or our UFO hi-bay with optional optic beam angle diffuser, which offers the ability to utilize the fixture in a number of different settings at varying heights.  

SATCO backs our industrial and heavy commercial LED fixtures with our 5 year warranty and nearly all of our products are DLC or DLC Premium listed.

SATCO is more than just a manufacturer, we are a lighting solution for our customers.  We work with you to determine the best possible option to fit your needs and budget.  We offer lighting layout services  to help plan the best option, and retrofit options to help you scale your LED conversion at a pace that is right for you!  At SATCO, our customer is our top priority.